Software Giant Develops Snapchat-like WindUp App For Windows Phone

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The software giant has revealed their own Microsoft chat ‘ephemeral messaging’ application, WindUp. This Microsoft chat application provides Windows Phone users something similar to Snapchat. Those, who are not aware what Snapchat is, it is actually a photo messaging application, using which users are able to take photos, record videos, add text, drawings and send them to contacts. The photos and videos sent using this application are referred to as ‘Snaps’. Now, there is a time limit feature, which can be set so that the sender can control for how much time Snaps can be viewed.

Probably, seeing the popularity of Snapchat, the software maker Microsoft has released WindUp for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. The interesting thing about this Windows phone application is that much like Snapchat, WindUp provides the ability to send time-capped messages. However, there is an important feature missing like the live video chat feature.

As per the application’s description, the app allows Windows Phone users the ability to create and share fun, temporary messages and media with friends.  This includes sending pictures, audio snippets, pictures and obviously text.  The message expires as per the time limit set by the application users.

Now, there has been much thought behind the choice of the name for the application by Microsoft. There is a timer interface on the application spicing up a message so that they can race to see what you have posted, if you have set the limit low. You can also set the limit high so as to make the message last longer.

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Now, what is not clear is why Microsoft Research, busy investigating everything from machine learning to social science, started developing such applications. There are a variety of applications available on the Windows store such as Socl, which is a social network primarily intended for university students that eventually became available for all.

Though the software giant may see great opportunities in the messaging application space, there is also another possible reason why the software maker developed WindUp. It is possibly due to the fact that Snapchat is not yet available on Windows Phone and some of the platform’s users are understandably upset about having to make do with unofficial versions of the popular messaging application.

Actually, Microsoft’s design chief for Windows Phone hardware mentioned that the software company is in talks with Snapchat for Windows Phone version.

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Live Translation Feature For Skype To Be Introduced This Year

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The translation tools in Google and Bing help a lot while translating written texts. Nevertheless, when it comes to spoken text, we do not have a voice translator. When in need of a spoken text translator, you might have to access a live translator that is able to translate spoken texts. This is something hard to do and that is what Microsoft wants to change. This would be a great tool for people using Microsoft Chat support services.

If you are wondering how this would work, read on to know more. When two speakers of different languages are over a chat session on Skype, the translator would help in translating what the speaker speaks to the other person in a language he can understand. The translated text would be read aloud to the person. At the time of its demo, there was an English and a German speaker, speaking to each other over Skype chat, which was a live conversation.

The audience felt that the performance was good and most of them said that the tool could improve with few additional features. However, there is something tricky about the tool, which is the literal translation. When the tool translates the spoken text, it gives the literal translation of speaker’s spoken text. It is not necessary that the translated text needs to be what the speaker intended. These voice translator tools can only give an exact literal translation and are not advanced enough to convey exactly what the speaker intend to say.

Microsoft’s CEO Nadella said that the beta version of this feature would be rolled out this year. This will be available with the

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Windows 8 users first and then it will be available on all other devices that support Skype including mobile phones. Nadella did not make it clear if this tool would be charged or would be rolled out free of cost. Nevertheless, he did say that the tool would be free in its beta version.

Microsoft has been working on this real-time voice translation feature for more than four years, which they thought was next to impossible initially. Then later they discovered that it was actually possible to translate real time spoken text. Now they have successfully arrived at the verge of launching its beta version. Microsoft has its fingers crossed hoping that the tool would be able to do the intended job. Contact the Microsoft Chat support team to know more about its features.

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Hacker Attacks Affect Xbox Live

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At last, the software giant Microsoft has confirmed that the internet connectivity option of its gaming consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360 are facing outages due to attacks from hackers. Earlier it was believed that Xbox Live was the only gaming console that offered total protection from hackers. Microsoft had been strongly defending its claims about the higher-level security features of Xbox Live when the networks of rival gaming consoles were hacked. In the last few months, many issues were reported with Sony’s PlayStation Networks and League of Legends. But at last, it seems that the tech giant has no option but to admit the vulnerability with Xbox Live network.

Xbox Live party chat is affected in the mess

According to Microsoft live chat support desk, the hacking has impacted the functioning of Xbox Live party chat service. The party chat literally appears to be non-functional with certain games. Fortunately, the experts at Microsoft have managed to identify the hackers who have caused the outage. In a recent blog post, the Microsoft live chat support desk has listed down Lizard Squad as the main hacker group behind the attacks.

Microsoft sends apologies to the users

The Redmond based software developer has extended deep apologies for the outage issue. In an update posted in the Xbox Live server status site, the company has assured users that their concerns would be addressed immediately. The company sent its apologies to both Xbox one users as well as Xbox 360 users. It said that the experts were working out various solutions to address the issue ASAP. The update states that users will be notified when a solution is developed. The tech giant has also requested the customers to stay patient until the issue is solved.

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Meanwhile, popular tech journals reported that the network outage issue with popular gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation Networks, League of Legends, etc were caused by DDoS attacks. Experts report that the newly identified hackers such as Lizard Squad are well equipped with tools, intelligence, and capital to cause bigger threats to even the most secured platforms.

Microsoft’s efforts to tackle down hackers and their efforts to attack its gaming consoles must be appreciated. However, the efforts would yield more fruits if it attempts to co-operate with other gaming companies in finding a better solution rather than trying to address all the issues on its own.

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Microsoft About To Pull The Plug On Live Messenger

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Microsoft has recently announced that their Windows Live Messenger program will be discontinued from 31 Oct, after serving for a period of 15 years. This service remains in use only in China, where the final switch off will take place. It was discontinued in the other markets in the year 2013 after Microsoft bought Skype, aiming to switch the users over to that platform. The tech website Mashable reported that the Chinese Windows Live users got email messages from Microsoft on Thursday informing them of the closure. These email messages told the users that they would get free Skype credit when they migrated to the new service. This was confirmed after contact the Microsoft chat support team.

The Microsoft app had as many as 300 million users in the year 2010. When this service was down to about 100 million in the year 2012, Microsoft announced that they would merge its remnants with Skype that boasted an active user base of more than 600 million users. Tech Times reported that the move to kill MSN Messenger in China was prompted by the increasing popularity of their opponent chat service QQ that is run by the local giant Tencent Holdings.

During the lifetime of the software, Microsoft added more features to the service like custom emoticons, and games like Tick-tack-toe and Minesweeper that could be played between the users. There is also a super annoying nudge function that would shake a friend’s chat window to grab their attention.

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Microsoft bought Skype and Windows Live was discontinued for most of the world’s users following this acquisition. Before five years, Windows Live had 330 million users, but the user base of the program fell, as Skype became the go-to chat program. The program still had more than 300 million users in the year 2012. When the program was released, it had a number of features like games, video calls; photo delivery and many other features. The program did not reach China until the year 2005, and it faced challenges from the QQ messenger and some of the other rival domestic chat services.

If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft chat support team. They will be able to provide you more information on the news. You can also refer to the official Microsoft website and blog to know more on the news.

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Microsoft Applauds Twitch Streaming Services

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Microsoft Thanks Twitch For Boosting Xbox TV

Microsoft announced recently that the Twitch app has been monumental in improving the usage of their latest game console, the Xbox One. Xbox One reaches almost six months into operation but it is only recently has the usage of the console has sky rocketed.

On March 11, the Twitch app had been updated, which also improved its support for the latest gameplay streaming. Delighted with their increased usage over the past few months, Microsoft boasted that ever since the launch of the Twitch app, almost 23 million minutes have been broadcasted from twitch on the gaming console. Not surprisingly, Microsoft was able to pull almost 2.7 million minutes worth of broadcast on the launch date itself. This was the highest for any Twitch console app on its first day. If you want to know more information about Twitch and how it is better in Xbox than any other gaming console, you may contact our Microsoft chat support.

Reportedly, 30 percent of all unique Twitch broadcasters were employing its services through the popular console by the end of the first day itself. With more than 108,000 users through Microsoft’s Xbox One within the first week after its launch, this unique count just showed how popular the app had become on the gaming console. 108000 users amount to almost 22 percent of the total unique broadcaster count in Twitch, all coming out of Xbox One. Not surprisingly, creators of the popular console also took a swipe at their archrival Sony’s PlayStation 4. Claiming that it took other gaming consoles over a month to achieve what the Twitch app had achieved on the Xbox One over the span of just

Sony's PlayStation 4

Microsoft Believes Twitch Monumental

one week; Microsoft sure seemed to gloat about it. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the Twitch streaming for Xbox One took almost four months to reach the public after the release of the gaming console, whereas, on Sony’s PS4, it was released on the same day.

On Microsoft’s Xbox One, the average broadcast time through Twitch stays for about 28 minutes. In their announcement, the software also revealed that most Xbox Live members spend close to five hours “exploring apps, playing games and watching TV on Xbox One.” Microsoft’s gaming console Xbox One received a lot of flak initially when it was released due to the permanently on Kinect on board by default. However, due to mass public outrage, Microsoft gave in and decided to make the console available without it and that too at a cheaper price.

Over the time, Xbox One is now selling strongly, albeit at a slower pace than PlayStation 4. To know all the latest features in Xbox One and why it’s the best gaming console ever, you may contact our Microsoft chat support team.

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