Sign In Problems With Xbox Live Continue To Persist

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Recently, Microsoft live chat said that the problems with Xbox Live have been fixed. Nevertheless, recent complaints from users indicate that the problem continues to exist although in less severity. Users who had faced the issues say that the Xbox Live problem stopped them from signing into their Xbox Live account. Consequently, many of the users weren’t able to play games online with other users.

Microsoft said that it had fixed the signing in problem. Nevertheless, at times, the service faces various types of issues. Many of these issues pertain to online gaming.

Xbox Live service outage prevents users from joining Xbox Live Member

The most serious impact of the issue is that it affected Xbox Live users from joining Xbox Live Member. The issue affected both Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. Some reports suggest that Diablo 3 party Chat was totally disabled for days owing to the problem. Unavailability of the server was another issue that affected Xbox One users.

A recent page published in the support page of Xbox Live and Microsoft Live chat enquires Xbox One and Xbox 360 users about the problem they are facing with their Xbox Live account and Xbox consoles. The support page adds that the issues would be fixed as early as possible given that users stay tuned to the directions published in support pages. Microsoft assures its users that their issues will be fixed on a war foot basis. The tech giant said that it had been working with its partners to find a permanent solution for the issue. The tech giant added that it would inform users as early as possible when a solution is discovered. Users are requested to stay patiently for the time being.

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Meanwhile, a report published by Microsoft indicates the basic services of Xbox are running without any glitches. The status found in the home page of Xbox Live service says that it is in constant touch with Microsoft and is exploring various possibilities to fix the issue for good.

A similar issue was faced by Sony’s PlayStation network last week. However, the technical team of Sony found out the cause of the issue immediately. It was later on revealed that the issue was caused by hackers. It appears that the same hackers have attacked Xbox Live network as well and are responsible for all the havocs being experienced. Nevertheless, no hackers have taken responsibility for the problem yet.

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Synchronizing Outlook Among Multiple Computers

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Outlook is a highly customizable personal information manager and email client. You can access and manage your emails, schedule your work and perform various other functions that help you manage your day’s job. Outlook saves all your email in your hard disk so that you can access your email even when offline. Moreover, this lends you the option of creating back-ups of all your email so that you never lose any of the important email messages in your account or having to contact Microsoft help line.

Outlook has many hidden features that many users do not know about. For example, you can synchronize your Outlook data on multiple computers. It is not a difficult procedure and there are several different procedures using which you can achieve the synchronization. You can achieve this using the .OST folder, the .PST folder or by copying the settings folder into the second computer. To know about other hidden features in Outlook program, contact our Microsoft help line.

There are two types of Outlook data files that are used often, the PST (Outlook Data File) file and the OST (Offline Outlook Data File) file. If you are using a Microsoft Exchange account, all your emails and other items are delivered and kept in your email server. In order to work offline, the OST file saves all your messages in your computer. While PST files are used for POP3, IMAP and web-based mail accounts, the OST files are used with the default Cached Exchange Mode.

In order to synchronize using the OST file, it must be created in your user account, if you are using the Microsoft Exchange Server. This file can be found in the location Documents and Settings/ username/ Local Settings/ Application Data/ MicrosoftOutlook folder. Once you locate the file, click on it and select the Synchronize button to update the Outlook data in your new computer.

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The PST file can be simply copied from one PC to another. If the file size is too large, use the Microsoft’s Windows Backup utility to save the data file on different location on multiple disks so that they do not get corrupted. Once you have copied the data, open the Outlook application and open the File tab. Choose New, click on Outlook Data File to import the data and then select the type of data by clicking on Office Outlook Personal Folder File (pst). Click OK, type in a name to this folder and click the OK button.

Once you are done copying the data files, you will need to copy the calendar and other settings similarly. If you have any problem migrating from one computer or synchronizing the data on multiple computers, contact our Microsoft help line.

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Xbox Day One Update Takes Around Twenty Minutes To Download

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Recently, in an announcement made by Microsoft regarding the latest updates on Xbox, it said that before people could start playing on their gaming consoles, they would have to wait around fifteen to twenty minutes until the one-day one download completes. The gamers would have to download the day one update so that they can continue playing. The news about the downloads was confirmed by the Chief Architect of Xbox One platform, Marc.

Whitten added that the efforts to make the updates get done faster is on and they are doing the best. The download would take fifteen to twenty minutes while they are yet to release the details regarding the updates. You would be able to know more on this from the Microsoft Chat Support page.

Sadly, Whitten was not in a position to confirm if the estimated twenty minutes also include the time to install the updates or just the download alone. It looks like gamers would have to wait for a longer period before they get to play titles from Xbox One release. Now this is going to upset Xbox users, as they hate long waits.

Microsoft claims that this most essential day one download will be in a position to iron out the tweaks that the firmware had in the last release. It is expected that with the updates downloaded, Microsoft will drop the plan to make online sign-in necessary along with some changes to the DRM policies. Microsoft also added that the day one download would be able to bridge the gap between the software schedules and the manufacturer’s schedule.

 Xbox One Release

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The release date for Xbox One is expected to be on November 22 which would open up in 13 markets. Initially, Xbox One was planned to be released in 21 different countries but there seems to be a delay in eight of the European countries. The main reason for the delay in these countries seems to be due to the fact that there are some issues with the software that is intended for local voice and language support.

Xbox is priced at 429 pounds in the United Kingdom. This includes the latest Kinetic motion gaming peripheral, HDMI capable of 4k, Xbox One headset to enable Microsoft Chat and last but not the least a single controller that is wireless. It looks like Xbox One release will be rolled out well in advance to the release of PS4 in the United kingdom. The release date for PS4 until now is scheduled to be on November 29, which will roll out the next-gen PS without the camera.

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A Few Facts About Microsoft Chat Applications

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Windows chat or Microsoft chatis actually a trouble-free online text chat program. This chatting program was included in all the Windows NT-line of OS and that includes Windows Server 2003, Windows NT 3.X, Windows 4.0, Windows XP and Windows 2000. You can see that, Network DDE service will have to be enabled for receiving calls especially in the recent operating systems of Windows. This actually makes use of the NetBIOS session service along with the NetDDE.

System users can chat to each other through the LAN network. However, you will not be able to find the path to the shortcut in the Start Menu of the latest versions of Windows.At the same time, you can run the command when you use Start + Run + winchat.exe. You can see that Microsoft chatmakes use of a split screen UI that is somewhat similar to the UNIX talk. Adding to that, Windows chat happens to be real time text and the typing command is transmitted immediately. The chat application was removed from Windows Vista by Microsoft. This was done along with the removal of NetDDE.

Microsoft V-Chat is a 3D chat program that was released back in 1995 from the house of Microsoft. One of the major specialties of Microsoft V-Chat is that it enables the users to chat to each other inside virtual rooms by using customized avatars. Another advantage was that users were able to create their own personal and customized avatars. This chat facility by Microsoft has been discontinued but you can still download it from other websites.

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Microsoft comic chat is in fact a graphical IRC client that was created Microsoft. Microsoft comic chat was initially launched with Internet Explorer 3.0 in the year of 1996. You can see that Microsoft comic chat was originally developed by David Kurlander, who happened to be one of the key researchers for Microsoft. One of the most salient features of Microsoft comic chat was that the users were able to use comic avatars to represent themselves during the chat sessions. In addition to that, the user was also able to make use of specified emotions that gave the chat sessions a much lively and an expressive experience. Most of the comic backgrounds and the characters were created by the renowned comic artist Jim Woodring. As time passed by, the comic avatars and the background were recreated with the help of advanced technical tools.

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Microsoft To Release Audio-Focused Update For Xbox One

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Xbox One is the latest gaming console from the house of Microsoft, the company introduced the gaming console to the industry with many new features, so that the device may surpass the sales of the Sony PS4. The Redmond based company is now all set to release an update for Xbox One customers that is intended to make working with the controller fun and easy. However, the update is available only for a few of the Xbox One users as a part of the early access program. The company plans to get feedback from these users on the working of the update and intends to fix any issues found with the update before rolling it out to the public.

According to the details posted in the Microsoft chat support website, the new update for the Xbox One that is limited to early access will be rolled out this week and will focus more on the audio settings of the console, so that the users would be able to use snap apps and Kinect easily. With the new update in place, the users will be able to mix the sound tracks from two applications that are used in snap feature. The users will have the ability to determine which app’s sound should be kept clearer and higher by using the Sound Mixer feature that comes with the new update.

The same feature also allows the users to control the Kinect voice chat volume. Microsoft chat support team states that both these features can be accessed by navigating through the Settings section. The company has also released an additional voice collection program, which allows the company to collect voice commands given to the controller, so that they can make the controller more responsive to voice commands.

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Major Nelson of Xbox stated that opting for the program is optional and the company would access voice only if the user permits. He posted in the Xbox help blog post saying, “This is completely optional and all voice data shared via this setting will be used for product improvement only.”

The company had earlier rolled out an update for the gaming console that made working with the Kinect 2.0 controller easy and also made it easy for the gamers to save their game status. If you wish to update your Xbox One controller, navigate to the Settings menu for checking all new updates.

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