Procedure To Set Up Xbox Live Without A Wireless Adapter

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Xbox 360 was a super hit and Microsoft is now competing with Sony’s PlayStation console series. Xbox One is the latest gaming console developed by the Microsoft Corporation, as a successor to the Xbox 360. With Xbox One, the software giant is focusing on internet-based features like stream gameplay, Voice control (Kinect-based) etc. Xbox Live is the online service for multiplayer gaming (online) and digital information delivery service, again operated by Microsoft. In this Microsoft chat support article, we will see the procedure to set up Xbox Live in a wired network, in the same place or room where you have your computer system installed.

Here are the Microsoft chat support instructions that will help you.

  1. In case your computer and modem is already connected to a router, you can move on to step no. 4. If that is not the case then here is what you should do:
    1. You need to unplug the network cable from your system in case your system is directly connected to a modem. Then you need to connect the network cable to the router with the port named WLAN, or WAN.
    2. Again, if your system is connected to the internet, then you need to get a network cable, attach one end to the Modem and the other to the router’s internet, WLAN, or WAN port.
  2. Then, you need to plug in your router and switch it on. Observe whether the Internet WAN, or WLAN light turns into green, this means your connection is successful. If that is not the case then your modem needs to be checked whether it is also on. You should also check whether your network cables are alright (broken or not).
  3. Then you need a network cable for connecting on end on the router and the other ob your system.

    WAN Port

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  4. In the place or room where the router is present, you need to fix one of the wall-plugged network extender kits on a power outlet. You need to see that you have not plugged it on extension cords
  5. Then you need a network cable for plugging one end to the router and the other on the network extender kit (wall-plugged).
  6. Thereafter you need to go to the room where your Xbox 360 is located and the plug the other network extended kit (wall-plugged) on a power outlet.
  7. Subsequently, you need to get a network cable compatible with Xbox 360 and connect one end on the network extender kit (wall plugged) and the other end to the Input/Output port of your Xbox 360.

Yes, no more waiting needed! Turn on your Xbox 360 and you can now start enjoying the Xbox Live service.

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Microsoft To Scrap Their Bing Ads Express Service

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         About Microsoft Bing Ads Service

Microsoft launched their Bing Ads Express service as an upgraded ‘express’ version of their Bing Ads online advertisement service. Bing Ads is similar to the Google Adwords service, which charges companies fees for posting ads on the Google search engine page. This service is available in the pay-per-click payment mode.

What is the difference between Bing Ads and Bing Ads Express?

Microsoft felt that the old format for filling out all the details for enrolling in the Bing Ads program was complicated and time consuming. They came to the conclusion there was a market for quick or ‘express’ online ad posting service. With this idea in mind, they launched the Bing Ads Express service with a focus on small and local businesses.

In other words, this was more of an online service still in its beta phase, available only in United States. Microsoft even provided a Microsoft chat support phone number on its official website. According to the Bing Ads Express website, the service helps to post an online ad quickly, in just three simple steps. And, this ad so posted will be displayed on the relevant Bing and Yahoo search result pages and on partner websites.

However, there was not much interest in the new ‘express’ service offered by Microsoft. Many firms preferred the Bing Ads service to the new Bing Ads Express because of the better options and settings this provided them. Microsoft has realised that in their efforts to make the process quick and simple, they have ended up removing many options and settings that their Bind Ads customers thought were necessary.

Yahoo Search

         Contact Microsoft Support

Microsoft has since announced the decision to scrap their Bing Ads Express service, and will from now on focus on their Bing Ads service. The Bing Ads Express users are urged to use their username and password to log in to the Bing Ads service website, and start an account there. They are also advised against using both these services at the same time – until Bing Ads Express goes offline – to avoid double billing.

In their statement announcing their decision to end this service, Microsoft states that through the Bing Ads Express experiment, they have learned how much importance their customers give to all the options and settings helping them launch a well-controlled marketing campaign online.

So, if you have a Bing Ads Express account, contact the Microsoft chat support number provided on the official website and find out about opening a Bing Ads account using your username and password.

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Interesting Features Of Windows Live Messenger

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        Microsoft Live Chat Updates

Windows Live Messenger is an email client developed by Microsoft that is compatible with Windows, Blackberry OS, iOS as well as Java ME. Earlier, it was known as MSN messenger and now it has been renamed as Windows Live. For any assistance on the Windows Live issues, the users can contact the Microsoft live chat and support team anytime.

Sharing folders

The sharing of folders in Windows Live Messenger enables the users to share personal photos, documents as well as files with the Messenger contacts. For creating a Sharing Folder, you need to drag the files into a contact name in Messenger. This creates an exact copy of the files on both you and your contact’s computer and creates a Sharing Folder, which can be accessed from Messenger.

The users can drag and drop files just like in Windows. It is much easier to access a Sharing folder from the desktop to manage files both online and offline. The Sharing Folder requires zero setup or configuration and it is possible to handle synchronization easily.

Voice calling

This is an interesting feature that can help the users to easily call mobile and land phones. For this, you require signing up for Windows Live phone call. The Windows Live Messenger users will be able to purchase minutes upfront and add it to the balance. This voice calling option allows the users to make affordable domestic and international calls. The users will be able to make PC-to-PC calls for free without signing up for a Windows Live phone call account. For this, both the users should have compatible speakers and microphones.


Microsoft Live Chat Issues

Other features

According to the Microsoft live chat and support team, other notable features of Windows Live Messenger includes an album viewer, social networks integration, offline messaging as well as other games and applications. This album viewer option in Windows Live Messenger is based on the Windows Photo gallery and provides the users a photo viewing experience via Facebook and SkyDrive. With the social networks integration, the users can also post status updates and photos directly to the connected services within the messenger application. Offline messaging feature enables the users to send messages to contacts who are offline. For accessing various games and applications, the users need to click on the games icon and challenge their contacts into a game.

These are some of the notable features of Windows Live Messenger. To get more information on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support personnel.

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Inserting Emoticons Into Communicator

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        Microsoft Chat Updates

Microsoft Office Communicator, popularly known as Microsoft Lync, is an instant messaging client that is being used as a replacement for Windows Messenger. Some of the interesting features of Microsoft Office Communicator include instant messaging, voice over IP, video conferencing inside the client software etc. The features also include the option to have Windows applications sharing by allowing participants to see and work on a specific application.

According to the Microsoft chat support team, Office Communicator is a business-oriented instant-messaging program quite similar to Microsoft Messenger. Here, the users are able to see multiple forms of communication in one application. As mentioned above, you have instant message and video conferencing options as well as features to make calls and share desktops. The application is also integrated with other Microsoft programs, which makes it easier to import things like data from Excel in your instant messages. The application also supports rich text, such as different fonts and styles, as well as emoticons and you can use these small icons to convey feelings via instant message. You can also message your AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Windows Live users if your network permits you.

You can use the following instructions provided by the Microsoft chat support to insert emoticons into Communicator.


  • As the first step, you need to open the Contact list in Communicator and then double click the name of a person to whom you would like to send a private message via the application.
  • Now, you need to click a spot in the Conversation window in the Entry area where you want to enter an emoticon to be sent to the person.

    Voice Over IP

               Microsoft Office Communicator

  • Next, you need to click on the Select an Emoticon button in the Entry area. You can choose the specific emoticon you want to use in the drop down menu. After you choose one, your emoticon will get added to the message. Now, you can click on the Entry area in the Conversation window, which will help you to close the drop down window.
  • Now, you can enter the type of text you would like to include in the message, which you want to send. Once you have type in the required message, you can press Enter and send the message.

These steps can help you to successfully insert emoticons to Communicator. To know more about the features of Office Communicator, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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Steps For Using A Microsoft Webcam On A Laptop

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Chat Support By Microsoft

Microsoft gives you the provision to use video communication tools for video chatting with your friends and families even if you do not have an inbuilt webcam in your laptop. This is done by connecting a USB webcam of Microsoft, which is compatible with Windows operating system. Installing the Microsoft’s webcam on your laptop will help you to video chat with your friends all over the world easily. All you need to have is an active internet connection.

Well, given below are some easy instructions provided by the Microsoft chat team to use Microsoft’s webcam on your laptop.


  • Open your laptop’s CD drive and put the installation disc for the Microsoft’s webcam in to the drive that is open.
  • Now, you need to install the Microsoft webcam on your laptop by following the simple instructions seen in the installation wizard. Now, connect your webcam using the USB cable and when prompted, agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the box seen beside them. When the installation of the webcam is completed, you need to click the button called Finish.
  • Open the application or software that you intended to use along with the webcam of Microsoft. Some of the software that you can use with your new Microsoft’s webcam are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs, Instant messenger programs and photo applications.
  • In order to start using the webcam, you need to select the option that is seen in the application. For e.g. if you are using an application for video conferencing, then it is necessary to click the button called Video or Start Video. When you click this button, the image from the webcam will start appearing on your screen. To start the webcam, different software have different buttons.

    Microsoft Support

    Microsoft Support

  • Now it is time to adjust the position of the webcam so that it can clearly capture your face. To complete the intended function of the application, try to make use of the Microsoft webcam on your laptop. For e.g. if you are employing an IM program, then on the other person’s screen, there will be images of yours and as soon you exit the application that you are using, the webcam will turn off automatically.

These above said instructions provided by our Microsoft Chat support team will help you to successfully use a webcam on your laptop. For more assistance, contact our Microsoft support number.

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