Steps To Check Someone's Browsing History Over MSN

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MSN or Microsoft Network is a collection of Internet websites and services provided by Microsoft Earlier, if it was a simple online service for the old operating systems; now MSN is often termed as a popular web portal. For any issues related to the MSN network, the users can also contact the Microsoft chat support team anytime.

Many users often call up the tech support services to know how to check someone’s internet history on MSN. Although there’s an option to choose to not save the history on MSN, the browsing history can still be checked in MSN Explorer.

To know how to check someone’s internet history on MSN, please follow these instructions provided by the Microsoft chat support team.

  • In the first step, you need to open a copy of the MSN browser, MSN Explorer that the person uses. Once opened, you need to look at the top of the MSN Explorer browser to see the options. Here, you need to click on View followed by History. If the person hasn’t opted to delete the browsing history, you’ll be able to view it.
  • Now, you need to click on the specific MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger chat program, or even MSN email or Hotmail program. Check if you can log into any of them. If you’re successful, all you require is to scroll through past chats or emails.

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  • In some cases, certain passwords might be saved automatically that might allow you to do this. But according to the Microsoft chat support team, even if you can get into the MSN Messenger program, MSN Hotmail, MSN Email account or even the Chat program, you won’t be able to find it if the person hasn’t saved a chat record or an email.
  • In such cases, the best option would be to speak to the MSN help desk about locating specific information in the person’s browsing, chatting or email history.
  • For contacting the Help Desk, you can use MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Email or Messenger and check for the option at the bottom of your options screen in any of these applications.

By following these steps, you can successfully check someone’s browsing history on MSN network. But if you’re still unable to find it out, do not worry. Feel free to contact our tech support team to get the best assistance.

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Installing Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer

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Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer is one of the devices that is helpful in many ways. In case you have been looking for a way to install the device on the computer, read on to know how to do it. The Microsoft chat support guidelines given below will allow you to configure the program with ease.


  • Click on the Start menu to the left lower of the desktop, from the menu, click on Control Panel, which appears on the right hand side. Click on the Folder tab to change the view settings to Control Panel Home, located at the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the thumbnail labeled Programs and then click on the Programs and Features subtopic.
  • This would open a window with a list of programs and software installed in the computer. From the list, locate Microsoft Office folder. One of the extensions to this software suite is Printers. Highlight the same and then click on Change. This is located to the top of the list of programs.
  • This will open the Microsoft Office update portal, which would have a list of actions to choose from. Click on the radio button that says Add or Remove Features and then click on Continue, which is located to the bottom corner of the portal.
  • Choose the option Advanced Configuration, which appears at the bottom of the portal window. Choose the option Choose Advanced Customization of Applications. Then click on Next to move to the next page. By clicking on the + sign, you will be able to change Microsoft Office settings.

    Microsoft Document Image Writer

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  • Choose Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer icon, listed under the available programs. Click the icon once and then select the Update option. This will highlight Microsoft Office. From now on, the printer will have a permanent icon on the desktop.
  • The moment the printer’s portal opens, you will find the properties and preferences. To configure the printer with the new settings, click on the Update button.

Sign in to Microsoft chat support desk to get further support regarding the same. Once the validation with the group is complete, and it finds that it is stable enough for other people to use, it will send out another ring. Validation would be done for the group with the audience. From there, it is sent to many people in Microsoft. The moment that they realize that the build is stable enough, the same feature will be made available for the users.

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Microsoft Pays Popular News Channels To Use Its Latest Surface Pro 3 Device At Prime Time News Hour

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Is Microsoft having tough time promoting its new products like the Surface Pro 3? Reports indicate that the software giant is struggling now to promote its latest Surface Pro 3. The surge of a number of Android based tablets from other popular manufacturers has literally retarded the demand for Windows tablets and the Surfaces. The Surface Pro 3 is the only device that has managed to attract some potential buyers.

Surface Pro 3, Feature-rich yet slow to attract users

According to Microsoft chat support desk, the Surface Pro 3 is integrated with latest technology. It is powered by the touch screen friendly Windows 8.1 operating system. When it comes to the hardware and other features, it is both perfect and modern. Even the critiques have approved the features and compatibility of Surface Pro 3. However, the tablet has not yet begun to attract buyers. The demand is still low in most parts of the world. The reviews are rather mixed; some pointing out that it is highly feature-rich while others saying that Surface Pro 3 features are not up to that of iPads or Android tablets.

Microsoft pays CNN to use Surface Pro 3

Rumour has it that Microsoft is paying international news channels like CNN to use its latest Surface Pro 3 devices, hoping that doing so will serve as product promotion. In fact, CNN didn’t approve Microsoft’s demand in the first place so the tech giant had to offer a huge amount to convince the channel.

Chat Support Desk

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Are CNN employees using Surface Pro 3 as holders for iPad devices?

There are rumours that many of the employees at the CNN are not familiar with the Windows powered Surface Pro 3 devices, so they are switching to iPad using it after hiding it inside Surface Pro 3 during the prime news hours. The rumour has its base on the reports by some curious CNN viewers who found out that Surface Pro 3 devices were used as props to keep iPads. However, CNN has clarified that it was just a rumour. If the rumour has any base, it is certainly a big shame for Microsoft.

Critics say that Microsoft made a wrong choice by choosing CNN to promote its product during the American midterm election. Had it been at some other time, it would have created some results. Well, there is no response from Microsoft chat support desk regarding any of these reports.

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Skype Now Available On Web Browsers

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Microsoft has recently released an interesting new feature, in-browser support for Skype, which means you will be able to use the popular video calling program from within your favorite web browser. Of course, the inclusion of the service through web browser would require dedicated plugins in order to enable voice and video portions. Thus, Skype will only be available in the latest version of Firefox and Chrome and of course, the Internet Explorer version 10 or newer. Other popular web browsers that find Skype support are OS X, Safari 6 or newer. However, the browser plug-in version of Skype is only available on an invitational basis presently.

However, the plugins required for Skype will be temporary, since it is projected to use Open Web Standards for running Skype. However simple it may sound, there is a rift between different standards that should be employed for supporting audio and video streaming online, making the entire process extremely hard. The major cause of this issue is the disagreement between the video support standards in use.

Google Chrome as well as the open-source Firefox community supports the use of interoperable visual and audio streaming by making use of an API called WebRTC. This API has been designed and developed to become the basis of a wide-range of audio/visual applications using the browser. Moreover, it is also interoperable with the existing telephony services that are based on SIP. On the other hand, Microsoft as well as certain other industries prefer the use of ORTC, since they believe WebRTC is too convoluted and has extremely close ties to SIP’s particular model that details on Call setup and communications. Contact our Microsoft Chat Support to know the details about the different standards.

Video Support

                  Web Browser Support For Skype

The ORTC is designed with similar set of capabilities. However, they do not include the same call setup system. However, both Microsoft as well as its rival Google are contributing to this standard. Moreover, this system has also received positive responses from various companies that deal with conferencing, telephony as well as other related programs. Although ORTC does not enjoy the same popularity the W3C project has, there are certain plans of integrating parts of ORTC into WebRTC. The ORTC setup will be implemented in Internet Explorer and even Google has said certain parts of ORTC will be included to enable Skype video support.

In the long run, with the introduction of ORTC in Skype, the Skype for web will be easily available in internet Explorer but will require plug-ins in Chrome and Firefox. Although Google has expressed interest in getting done with the plug-ins, Firefox has remained mum about the issue. You may contact our Microsoft chat support team to know more about the same.

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Fixing Computer Issues Using Online Support

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There are many ways people take care of their PC issues, or have them taken care of. You could call a local technician to come and a take a look. A better professional alternative, however, is to call up Microsoft certified experts who could resolve the issues online. The services rendered cover software and hardware problems.

There are several third party tech support providers who offer 24/7 online assistance for your PC problems, which can be availed from anywhere in the world. This means that you don’t have to wait around for a time when they’re available, because there’s no time when they’re not. Call up at your convenience and start receiving the best support from experts who know it all. Such services usually have a toll-free number you can call. You can call up and explain your problem, and receive quick and efficient issue resolution in real time. Some of the best Microsoft live chat support services are provided by third parties.

Another option is online support. The first thing you’ll need for this is a moderately fast internet connection. This is because of the option of remote support, which can only be provided over a speedy internet connection. There is a wide range of users who benefit from this mode of technical assistance, such as professional, students, employees, SMBs, etc. people prefer remote support for the ease it offers to the receiver. People can sit at their homes while a tech support executive fixes their problems from another location. There’s no chance of the customer messing up their computer while trying to follow instructions they don’t understand. The effectiveness of this method has made it a popular option among most tech support customers.

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Microsoft has been offering tech support for its products for a long time now, but once a product reaches its end of support, the company no longer provides free assistance with it. Also, most of the common problems in your computer aren’t covered by the company, such as the antivirus, the routers, the Wi-Fi, and such. Third party remote support takes care of these concerns however, which is why they’re a better option if you want competent Microsoft Live chat support services.

Some of these companies offer world class online chat support services for issues with your Microsoft products, with the expert helping you out in all aspects including setup, maintenance, update, and uninstall.

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