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Xbox One is the latest gaming console from the house of Microsoft, the company introduced the gaming console to the industry with many new features, so that the device may surpass the sales of the Sony PS4. The Redmond based company is now all set to release an update for Xbox One customers that is intended to make working with the controller fun and easy. However, the update is available only for a few of the Xbox One users as a part of the early access program. The company plans to get feedback from these users on the working of the update and intends to fix any issues found with the update before rolling it out to the public.

According to the details posted in the Microsoft chat support website, the new update for the Xbox One that is limited to early access will be rolled out this week and will focus more on the audio settings of the console, so that the users would be able to use snap apps and Kinect easily. With the new update in place, the users will be able to mix the sound tracks from two applications that are used in snap feature. The users will have the ability to determine which app’s sound should be kept clearer and higher by using the Sound Mixer feature that comes with the new update.

The same feature also allows the users to control the Kinect voice chat volume. Microsoft chat support team states that both these features can be accessed by navigating through the Settings section. The company has also released an additional voice collection program, which allows the company to collect voice commands given to the controller, so that they can make the controller more responsive to voice commands.

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Major Nelson of Xbox stated that opting for the program is optional and the company would access voice only if the user permits. He posted in the Xbox help blog post saying, “This is completely optional and all voice data shared via this setting will be used for product improvement only.”

The company had earlier rolled out an update for the gaming console that made working with the Kinect 2.0 controller easy and also made it easy for the gamers to save their game status. If you wish to update your Xbox One controller, navigate to the Settings menu for checking all new updates.

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How to Install Windows 7 Language Packs

Omni Tech support shows you how to install Language Packs in a Windows 7 computer in a few simple steps. Check it out here:

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The Software Giant Reveals Studio-Grade Skype TX

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Substandard quality Skype interviews could very well be outdated. Skype TX is the perfect solution, various media outlets have been vehemently demanding over the years.

Skype TX is actually a studio grade software application used to deliver high quality audio and video output that seamlessly connects broadcasts and media products across the globe. Broadcasters now use the new and advanced Skype TX for creating new formats and innovative concepts for live streaming, video on demand, and other digital content. This helps in developing creative and even more original moments. According to Microsoft, the service also provides studio-grade audio-visual output to broadcasters.

Now we know that Skype TX was developed due to the company’s much recent acquisition of long-time partner Cat and Mouse. This could very well mean that Skype is going towards a more professional inclination.

Angie Hill, General Manager for Skype marketing, mentioned how high quality hardware and software Skype integration can be directly incorporated into a studio situation. She said that broadcasters can easily make use of Skype TX for developing new formats, and that is why the company is now offering a complete suite of tools for broadcasters aimed to enhance the overall viewer experience.

Some details on Skype TX

Skype TX is much powerful, as it incorporates full frame Skype video and audio functionalities through SDI. It provides better quality, as the production grade system delivers high-definition audio and video calls. Additional features like full frame video on the HD-SDI format, and the fact that HD-SDI video can be sent or addressed back to the caller, make it much more attractive.

Apart from that, the aspect ratio mismatches can be handled in the software itself, and the operator has total control over the various aspect ratios. Microsoft chat support also highlights that the program allows single operator can handle multi-channel calls as well.

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Another striking aspect of this software is the fact that it is completely supported by a team of experts and trained specialists, who work on the broadcast technical team. One great thing about the tool – which is sure to attract media companies – is that it will be free of notifications and ads!

The software giant has recently put the TX product into the Skype in Media suite. Microsoft Corporation hopes that broadcasters will start using this amazing new tool for various digital contents soon. After this is somehow incorporated in the consumer product, then it could be an answer to Google Hangouts.

Hope this article was informative. For other Microsoft chat support news or articles, you can read other articles posted in our website.

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Xbox 360- Powerful Gaming Console

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Gamers will be happy to know about the Xbox 360 gaming console from Microsoft. This gaming console is aimed at providing complete digital entertainment for the users. Another advantage is that the users will be able to amplify and enhance their videos and music to a soothingly soft or a ripping loud volume. With this device, the users will be able to connect to the Internet and instantly stream music, photographs, digital home movies and graphics or any other files that are stored in the hard drive, memory or any other digital media that are based on Windows OS. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft live chat team.

When the Xbox 360 gaming console is attached to the TV, it takes advantage of the high-resolution high definition TV resolution in its full size and color that makes the game movie like. The anti aliasing capability of the console renders animation flawlessly smooth and jerk free. The characters in the game will seem as though they are jumping out of the wide screen. When the device is connected to the Internet through the Ethernet card, you will have the Xbox Live headset, which is a facility that allows the users to do voice chat with the other players. This will combine active gaming with socialization.

There are many games that are rated as must-haves as they are simply sensational with the Xbox 360 gaming console. Some of these games are Call of Duty 2, Dead or Alive 4, for the best WWII shooter, Need for Speed Most Wanted for the racing fans, and King Kong for great effects. For some unknown reasons, some of the games that run with excellent audio and video effects in the first version of Xbox do not run as well in the Xbox 360. Some of these games include NBA Live 06 and Madden NFL 06. The Microsoft people should give immediate attention to this, as it is a source of great disappointment to the hardcore gamers and in certain cases, it can be a deal-breaker.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 has settings that allow the parents to control how it is used by their kids. Family Settings enable the parents to shield their children from unwholesome contacts. This feature performs two functions on the Xbox 360 console- to allow or restrict access to offline games and access to online contacts and content through the Xbox live environment. If you wish to know more on the Xbox 360 features, you can contact the Microsoft live chat team.

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Different Versions Of Windows 7 To Upgrade From Windows XP

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Since Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP operating system, all the existing Windows XP customers should upgrade their operating systems to either Windows 8 or Windows 7 for receiving continued updates from Microsoft. Now, if you are choosing Windows 7 to upgrade, you have six versions of the operating system available. In this post, we will give you a brief description of each of these versions so that you could choose the best one to upgrade.

Windows 7 Starter edition

According to Windows tech support, this is the Starter version of the operating system and does not include many of the features that are present in other versions. It comes preinstalled in netbooks. According to experts, you may avoid this edition for the upgrade, as it has only very few features. For instance, you cannot load more than three programs in this version.

Windows 7 Home Basic edition

The Home Basic version of the program has more features than the Starter edition and lesser features than the Home Premium edition. It is mainly released for developing countries and does not include features like Aero Glass GUI. It allows you to run many programs at one instant and allows thumbnail previews from the taskbar.

Windows 7 Home Premium

This version mainly aims at home users. It has all the features of the Starter edition and the Home Basic edition. Additional features in this version include Windows Media Center, multi-touch support, Aero etc.

Windows 7 Professional

When it comes to Windows 7 Professional, you will find all features included in Windows 7 Home Premium plus a few other features. According to Windows tech support, this version is ideal for small business users and it has the ability to work with Windows Server domain. You will also find features like Presentation mode, restriction policy, file system encryption, location aware printing, remote desktop server and Windows XP mode in it.

Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows Media Center

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This version is aimed at enterprise users and includes features like support for UNIX applications, ability to run Multilingual User Interface, BitlockerDrive Encryption etc.

Windows 7 Ultimate

This version is aimed at home users who wish to experience all the features of Windows 7 operating systems. This version is priced higher compared to other versions of Windows 7.

We hope that this post has helped you to acquire a basic idea about the various versions of Windows 7. For further assistance on this operating system, you may contact Windows tech support or our technical support team.

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