Solutions To Some Of The Common Xbox 360 Concerning Red Light On The Console

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Microsoft Xbox is a gaming console that has been specifically developed and designed to compete with other popular gaming platforms such as Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation, and many others. Microsoft offers Xbox Live support to their gaming device users, making it possible for gamers to play their Xbox 360 games with other users online. Moreover, there is support for the company’s Kinect sensor, which gives users the ability to control games and entertainment content with physical motion or voice commands.

Xbox 360 is simply awesome, but it has been reported that some users face certain issues with the console occasionally. One of the common issues faced is the solid red light appearing on the gaming console and the screen going totally blank. Users can avail help for the same via Microsoft chat support. However, here are some steps that can be useful.

Steps to follow

  • First, you need to allow the device to cool. Simply detach the power supply and wait for about half an hour. Then, plug in the device into a different power outlet.
  • After that, you need to disconnect and reconnect all accessories. When done, remove the hard drive, and reconnect it.

It is found that following the above instructions fixes the problem in most of the cases. But if you are still facing the issue, it is better to contact experts over Microsoft chat support.

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Another issue arises when there is a flashing red light on the Xbox console and you receive an error message with the console shutting down due to insufficient ventilation. If that is the case, allow the console to cool down completely, as mentioned earlier, and try restarting it again. This should fix the problem. If not, then you can request a repair from the Xbox service center.

Another problem concerning the solid red light is a System Error, which happens if you ignore the first warnings. To resolve it, you need to first disconnect and reconnect all accessories, and remove the hard drive. In case the system error message is not appearing when you remove the hard drive, you can anyway order a replacement of Xbox 360 hard drive. You will be able to do this from the Xbox online service center.

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Getting The Best Out Of Microsoft Points In Xbox Live

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Microsoft Points For Xbox Live

Gaming consoles are dedicated equipments that allow you to feel true gaming experience. While desktop PCs and laptops only have limited multi-media capabilities, gaming consoles are created with the special intention of playing the best and the most processor-intensive games ever. You do not have to worry about slow working over time because the gaming console is not used for any other intent other than gaming. Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One boasts a large gaming community due to this reason itself.

However, to get the true gaming experience, you need to connect your gaming console to Xbox Live in order to play in real time along with other online players from every part of the world. This allows for a gaming experience you will never get when playing with bots or in multiplayer option. To know more about Xbox Live, you may contact our Microsoft chat support team. Only when playing online games would you understand where you stand. One way to enhance your gaming experience is by making the best use of Microsoft Points.

Once you purchase Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, you can redeem the points to purchase in-game services, additional maps and several other services that were unavailable without paying. These points are available directly from the Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace or can be purchased as gift card from your gaming retailer. Some of the best advantages of purchasing Microsoft Points are listed below.

Purchase New Games

You can download full Xbox 360 games online using these points along with in-game features like shields, ammo, additional maps and a lot of other additional services. Purchasing the game online allows you to re-download the game any time there is some problem with the gaming console. Depending on the game of your choice, you can purchase important tools from Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace to help you excel at the game.

Rent or purchase Movies

Microsoft Xbox Live

Gaming Experience In Microsoft Xbox

You will be able to purchase movies or TV shows from within the Xbox Live server. This will enable you to view the latest content available online, sitting at the convenience of your home. The list is constantly updated.

Customized Avatars      

If you are playing RPG games, you purchase several different options for your avatar. You can completely customize his accessories to give him a unique identity that is not available in normal mode. There are no limits to customization if you have the Microsoft Points to purchase it.

There are several places where you can purchase online Microsoft Points for Xbox Live. At season times, especially when new games are about to come out, you can find interesting offers on purchasing these gift cards. Contact Microsoft chat support in order to obtain more information about the same.

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End Of MSN Messenger In October

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Microsoft Chat Client

MSN messenger has been scheduled for shutdown in October, 15 years after its release. Microsoft, the creator of the service, has made an announcement to this effect, mainly aimed at the remaining users in China. This will mark the end of the once popular service, which was sidelined by other instant messaging apps, mainly in the mobile market. Windows Live Messenger, the last iteration of MSN messenger, will see final use in the Chinese market by the end of this year, which is the only remaining one where users are still receiving old Microsoft chat support.

Microsoft first brought out the MSN Messenger service in 1999, and back then, it was solely an IM service. Over time, it underwent several transitions, including a name change to Windows Live Messenger. The original software was meant as competition to the prevalent IM clients at the time. Up until 2010, MSN Messenger boasted a following of 300 million users, but this started steadily declining as time went by, dropping to 100 million by 2012. With nothing better to do with it, Microsoft merged it with their newly purchased Skype service, which at the time of acquisition held a user base of over 600 million.

It was November 2012 by the time Microsoft eventually announced they were scrapping the Windows Live Messenger service in markets around the world, with the exception of China, where it was allowed to remain until April 2013. Users of the service even there have dwindled, and with the increasing popularity of rival service QQ, operated by Tencent Holdings, Microsoft has decided they are better off pulling the plug.

Microsoft's IM Client

Microsoft Chat Services

Users in the mainland were notified of the impending development as far back as last August. This came with the assurance that users’ contact list would remain intact if they chose to migrate to Skype by October. Skype is what will be keeping the old Windows Live Messenger accounts active, and to boot, there is a $2 coupon in the offer, which can be used for international calls.

Windows Live Messenger is not so far gone as to be completely forgotten. Many of the features used today on desktop IM clients were first introduced through MSN, such as customized emoticons, multiplayer gaming, and the highly popular nudge feature, which could be used to grab a friend’s attention and bring it back to the conversation.

That was about the Microsoft’s IM client for desktop PCs. For more stories, check out the latest posts here. And do not forget to call us for any Microsoft chat support you might need.

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Get Issues With Your Microsoft Products Fixed From The Convenience Of Your Home

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Contact Microsoft Support

The influence of internet is felt everywhere and hence it has become difficult for us to live without it. Be it on our mobile, tablet, or PC, we use internet on a regular basis. We recharge our mobile phones, book tickets, purchase things, apply for jobs or communicate with friends with the help of internet. It is quite possible even to repair the issues you have with the computer through the internet.

Fix computer issues online

There are quite a number of online PC support services out there. You can contact them and get the issues with your PC fixed in real time. When you have issues with your Windows operating system or any other Microsoft services, you can contact the Microsoft technicians through Microsoft chat support desk. Microsoft offers free technical support for all its products and services throughout the warranty coverage period. In case your warranty for a particular Microsoft product has expired, you can still receive the support but by paying additional charges. There are many reputed third party services that offer technical support for Microsoft products at quite affordable rates.

Online technical support for other applications

Microsoft Technicians

Microsoft Help Desk

Obviously, you can contact Microsoft chat support to have the issues with any of your Microsoft products or services fixed in real time. But, what to do when you have issues with non-Microsoft applications? Fortunately, there are several third party online PC support services that are ready to help you troubleshoot almost every PC issue. You simply need to contact them through email, chat or toll free number from the convenience of your home.

The best part is that you don’t have to take your PC anywhere. The online PC support services take the remote access of your PC, examine the issues, and fix them in real time. There is no waiting period to get the issues fixed at all. Furthermore, the fee charged by online PC support services is relatively low as compared to the fee charged by local PC support technicians.

Most online PC support services function 24/7. In fact, the major highlight of online PC support services is their round the clock functionality. Online tech support services offer multiple types of support which include telephone support, email support, chat support and remote access support. Some online PC support services even offer onsite support to their customers, given that they are located close to the support centre.

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Things You Need To Consider Before You Purchase A Microsoft Lifecam

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Webcams Released By Microsoft

You can go for several different options when it comes to webcams. The bigwigs in the market are Creative and Logitech. In answer to the high-end cameras present in the market, Microsoft introduced the Lifecam web camera that is packed with many interesting features and is also available at an affordable price. However, picking out the best webcam that suits your personal needs assures that you will be completely satisfied with the Lifecam. Contact our Microsoft chat support if you want to compare different webcams.

Here’s why Microsoft webcam is better than the rest:

  • You will get the high definition photos and videos that you want for your website. The high resolution is even suited for internet chats and calls.
  • There are several different models, each with its own set of features, designed to cater to the needs of specific set of clients. The top-end model is Microsoft Lifecam Cinema which has among the best features a webcam can have. You will get smooth and high-quality pictures using this camera.
  • You can take 720 pixel high-def widescreen videos that are designed to capture sharp videos with a high bit-rate. It also features a built-in microphone that is tuned to capture clear audio so you can video chat with ease. The voice quality is as good as the video quality.

    Microsoft Webcam

    Features Of Microsoft Lifecam

  • The superb video as well as still-image that can be captured using Lifecam makes it one of the best tools if you are making websites or blogs. Moreover, this works well with all IM chat programs like Skype, Yahoo messenger, AOL instant messenger etc. You will never feel the need for any other gear once you purchase this tool.
  • All cameras come with an auto-focus feature that helps provide crystal clear images of even macro-objects like jewelries, coins, pins, etc. This is ideal if you are making videos sitting away from the computer since you can tilt, pan and zoom in order to focus on your face.
  • Depending on the model, some Lifecams feature superior image capturing even in low-light conditions. This means the image quality will not be compromised no matter how the lighting is.

Contact our Microsoft chat support team if you want help deciding which Microsoft webcam model would be best suited for your needs. As a general rule of thumb, it is better to purchase it online so you can avail interesting offers to purchase the cam at cheap rates.

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