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Now, Office communicator is like a messenger which works with Microsoft Outlook. This Microsoft chat application or program is useful for chatting. Usually when your Office Communicator is working properly with Outlook, then you’ll be able to see whether the person who sent you an email is actually online and begin an instant online chat session with him or her if so. Bur, if your Office Communicator stops syncing with Outlook, then you will obviously need to troubleshoot the cause of the problem so both programs work properly again. Here are the Microsoft chat help instructions that can guide you to fix this problem.

1. Different Default Email Addresses

  • Now if the problem is different email addresses, you need to sign into Microsoft Online Services on the Microsoft website.
  • Then you can click on the Options tab in Microsoft Online Services and select Advanced Options.
  • After that, you need to select Reconfigure My Desktop Applications from the Advanced Options menu. Within this window, make sure Office Communicator, Office Outlook and Office Live Meeting are selected.
  • Then you need to verify that your primary email SMTP address matches your SIP if the preceding steps do not solve the problem. Then if you need to make a change to either of these values, wait approximately 24 to 48 hours before trying Office Communicator again.

2. There was an issue connecting to Outlook

  • In this case, you need to first click on the Start button on your desktop, and then select Run and type regedit into the Run application. This will help to open your computer’s Registry Editor.
  • Then you need to find the registry subkey called HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Clients\Mail in the Registry Editor and then delete it from the registry.
  • After that, you need to find the subkey named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail and verify that Microsoft Outlook is the default mail client in the subkey.
  • Then you can exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.
Communicator Stops Syncing

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  • You need to close both Office Communicator and Office Outlook. You can make sure all Internet browsers are closed as well.
  • After that, log into the Microsoft Online Services application with the login information for the user you want to have access to Office Communicator.
  • Then, you need to select Options from the Microsoft Online Services menu.
  • You need to select Advanced Options and Reconfigure My Desktop Applications from the Options menu.
  • Then select all the applications listed in the Reconfigure My Desktop Applications menu and click the Configure Applications button.
  • Then, open Office Communicator from the Microsoft Online Services application.

So, the above steps should resolve your Office Communicator Not Syncing with Outlook problem.

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Tips For Finding People To Chat With On Live Messenger

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Windows Live Messenger

Sometimes, sitting alone at home can be really boring. When there are no good movies to watch and you are bored to death, the only other option that springs up in your mind is to spend some time on the computer. An internet connection and Windows Live Messenger are the perfect combination to kill your boredom.

By performing a profile search, you can search for other Windows Live users with whom you can chat and spend some quality time. From your contacts book also, you can easily perform the task of adding people. You may easily find some of your old schoolmates or relatives. By utilizing Windows Live Messenger with different important people in your life, easy communication is possible. Unknown people can also be made friends and by using Windows Live Messenger, your friendship will easily blossom. You have to follow the below mentioned Windows Live chat guidelines to search for people in order to chat using Windows Live Messenger.

Tips for searching contacts

  • Execute the process of downloading Windows Live Messenger. As some time may take for this, you have to be patient for the download to be complete. On completion of the download, follow the different steps for the installation. After installation, access Windows Live Messenger and enter it using your password and username.
  • Follow the automatic search wizard. Admission to your contact books is necessary and you have to provide the permission for Windows Live to do the same.
  • Choose the Next button and completion of the wizard will take place. To the contacts that have Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Messenger will send invitations. Upon accepting the invitation, on your chat list, you will be able to see them and you will be able to chat with those contacts.

For peruse profiles

  • By using the password and username, access the Windows Live account.

    Live Messenger contacts profile search

    Live Messenger contacts

  • In the friends list, a search box is available. Into it, type in a name; to perform the search, choose the Magnify Glass.
  • Select Search Profiles and a new window will appear on screen showing the matching profiles.
  • Choose the option Add As Friend and sending of an invitation to that person will take place. Chatting is possible upon accepting the request.

By following the above mentioned Microsoft Live chat guidelines, you can easily search for people to chat with in Windows Live Messenger. For further Microsoft Live chat help, contact our tech support desk.

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Join Or Initiate A Meeting In Microsoft Office Live Meeting

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Features Of Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a web conferencing tool from Microsoft. In order to carry out web conferencing with this tool, this software should be installed in client computers and it requires a central server to which all these clients need to be connected. Now, in this article, we will find out how to use this tool and initiate a live meeting.

Steps Involved

According to Microsoft chat support, the first step is to download the Office Live Meeting software to your computer. For this, navigate to the official website of Microsoft and then to the download section to search for the program. Once you install the program on your computer, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the invitation email received in the inbox and click the link in the mail to join the scheduled meeting. This step automatically launches the Live Meeting window and you will gain access to the meeting.
  • Now, if you wish to initiate a meeting, then launch ‘Microsoft Office Live Meeting’ and choose the option ‘Meet Now’.
  • Select the option ‘Attendees’ and then select the persons you want to add to the meeting using their email addresses. Select the option ‘Send’. You may also click the distribution list if you want to send an invitation to a particular group of people.
  • If you wish to schedule a meeting in the future, launch Microsoft Outlook and select the option ‘Schedule a Live Meeting’. Choose the email addresses of the people you wish to invite to the meeting. Type a subject for the meeting and a start date and end date to notify the invitees. In addition, you can select ‘Presenters’ and ‘Attendees’. Once you choose all the categories, select the option ‘Send’.

    Technical Support

    Microsoft Office Programs

  • If you wish to create content, select the option ‘Content’ and choose ‘Share’. Select a file to create a new document. Choose the file name below the option ‘Share’ and this will let others view and edit the created file.
  • For enabling a web cam during the meeting, you may choose the option ‘Not sharing my video’. Choose the web cam and this will show the various menu options.

With the above steps, you can initiate or join a meeting using Microsoft Office Live Meeting. If you have any queries regarding the steps we have mentioned above, you may contact Microsoft chat support or our technical support team for assistance.

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Fix Common Outlook Express Issues

Outlook Express Problems

Features Of Outlook Express

A large number of email users have started to depend on email clients for sending and receiving their emails. This is because of the various advantages of an email client. With an email client, users can configure multiple email accounts and therefore, they can view all their emails in one program. Some of the major email clients in the market are Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail etc. Among these email clients, Outlook Express comes preinstalled in operating systems like Windows XP. With Outlook Express preinstalled in the PCs, users do not have to purchase and install another email client on their computers.

Steps Involved

Now, what will you do if you encounter any Outlook Express problems? There are some simple steps, which you could try, to fix these issues. In this post, we will take you through some of the basic troubleshooting steps that you may try to resolve some of the common Outlook Express problems.

Internet Connection

The first and foremost requirement is to verify if your Outlook Express is not downloading any emails or unable to send emails because of a faulty internet connection. For this, launch the internet browser and navigate to a few web pages. If there is proper internet connection on your computer, go to the next step.

Increase server time out

Technical Support

Outlook Express Configuration

Launch Outlook Express and select the option File. Go to the tab Info and select Account Settings. Choose POP3 as the account and select the option Change. In the window that comes up, select More Settings. Change the time out settings for the server by increasing it. Check if Outlook Express is working fine. If it is not, go to next step.

Delete temporary internet files

Sometimes, the temporary internet files stored in your computer could be the culprit for these Outlook Express problems. Therefore, launch Internet Explorer and select the option Tools. Click Internet Options from the sub menu. In the new window, select the button Delete, which is present under the heading Browsing history. This opens a new window. In this window, mark the option Temporary Internet files and click the option Delete at the bottom of the window. Once the temporary files are deleted, restart your Outlook Express and verify if the issue is resolved.

With the above steps, you can fix some of the common Outlook Express problems. For more help on Outlook Express, you may contact our technical support team.

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Configuring WPA Support In Windows XP

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          Help for Windows XP

Windows XP is the highest selling OS from the Microsoft’s stable. The main reason for this popularity is its features and the easy to use interface. Many features are included in this operating system making it as one of the most preferred OS of all time in many organizations. Moreover, it is provided with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access.) It is the security standard needed for all the Wi-Fi networks. Previously, it was known as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and it is designed in such a way that it works seamlessly with Wi-Fi network interface cards. A 128-bit key and a 48-bit initialization vector are used by WPA to encrypt data with the RC4 cipher.

Given below are some easy instructions given by the Windows help team to configure WPA support in a Windows XP computer.


  • Start the process by getting some information regarding the features of WPA by reading the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (MKBA) Q815485 (Overview of the WPA Wireless Security Update in Windows XP.) Reading this article will help you to know about the basic security features of the WPA and the ways in which the access points and network adapters support WPA. After getting enough knowledge, it is easy to configure WPA in Windows XP.
  • If needed, the Windows XP wireless clients should be patched. Sometimes, your Windows XP PC may require Service Pack 1 or later updates for configuring WPA support.
  • Next, you need to make sure that the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service is being supported by the network adapters that you are going to use in the clients. To get the information regarding this, it is best to call the manufacturer’s customer care or check their website. If the WZC service is not supported by your network adapter, then upgrade the adapter’s network configuration or drivers.

    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

          WPA in Windows XP

  • By adhering to the instructions that is included, download and install the Windows XP Support Patch for Wi-Fi Protected Access. You can download it by navigating to the official Microsoft website.
  • According to the points included in the MKBA Q815485, try to make the required modifications that are required for the access points or network adapters. To support the security features of WPA, these devices need to update their firmware. This includes information on the element, Temporal Key Integrity Protocol, message integrity code algorithm known as Michael, and two-phase authentication.

The above said instructions given by the Windows help team is sufficient to configure WPA Support in a Windows XP computer. To know more regarding this, contact the Windows help center.

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