Microsoft chat support for Exchange server and Outlook issues

If you work in a very big company with numerous employees then you probably have a dedicated IT department to resolve your computer related issues. If that’s the case, well, don’t waste your time reading this. Just dial your IT guy!

But if you happen to be working in a relatively small company employing only a small workforce and with no dedicated IT department, then yeah, you should read this post!

Microsoft Exchange Server

The Exchange Server is the server side of enterprises. It stores info relating to, umm, the Microsoft apps that you’re using. Some of the features include email, calendars, contacts etc. For a complete list of the available features and functions, try Google!

Microsoft Exchange stores email communications, in your office, in the server. It uses Outlook to read and send emails on a centralized computer, called the server. And so the name, Exchange Server (I think!).

Even though there are only minimal errors, there can be times when the server acts up. During such situations, there are both Microsoft chat and phone support options. You can contact them to resolve any issue relating to Microsoft Exchange.

Some more info on the Exchange Server

The Exchange Server stores all the emails in an organization in the central computer, aka server. These can be accessed by multiple computers thus eliminating the need for Outlook on each computer. Now that’s a cost cutting technique the HR department should look into!

The server is regularly backed up and is kept in optimal conditions thus eliminating the chances of information loss.

Microsoft chat and phone support options

Since issues with the Exchange Server are uncommon, it’s only natural for small companies not to employ a permanent IT guy. I mean, they’ll be paying the guy for practically no work done!

But we wouldn’t recommend that. Instead, Microsoft Exchange Server support lets your company have a certified Exchange Server technician on call at all hours. The support team can log into the server remotely and resolve all server issues. And all that without having to come over!

Pretty cool, huh?

And to top it off, if the issue isn’t resolved, they also recommend nearby technicians for onsite repair.

They offer Microsoft chat as well phone support options as well.

That’s about it. Have a nice day!