Microsoft chat support in fixing Media Player issues

Microsoft Media Player, popularly known as Windows Media Player is an application included in all Windows operating systems. It is the default application for playing video and audio files. Users may occasionally face issues with Media Player with respect to audio and video. The Microsoft chat support team helps in troubleshooting the issues.

Troubleshooting steps for Media Player issues

Mostly users will face issues concerning the audio or sound parameter of the media files. Sound may fade out or completely cut off while playing the file. Microsoft chat support team advises to check the CD/DVD first before initiating any troubleshooting steps. If the CD/DVD is not functioning properly, issues may happen which can be mistaken for Media player issues.

While playing a video, if any green or pink lines appear or if the video is flickering or choppy, the issue can be due to the acceleration of the video settings. Turning off the Video acceleration should fix the issue. The steps are:

  • Click Tools from the Windows Media Player menu window.
  • Choose Options and select Performance.
  • Under Video Acceleration, completely turn off the feature by moving the slider.

This should fix the issue.

CD/DVD driver

If the CD/DVD driver is not updated, users may face issues while burning the CD. To fix the issue Microsoft chat support team recommends the following steps:

  • Go to Control Panel and click Windows Update.
  • Check if there is any recent CD/DVD driver software available and download it.

Make sure that the problem is not with the files which are to be copied.

Other causes and their fixes 

By enabling automatic installation of Windows Updates in the system, minor problems associated with Windows Media Player. To enable the feature, open Control Panel and choose Automatic Updates. Select Automatic option, and set the date and time preferred to download and install updates. After save the settings, the system will automatically download and install the latest updates.

Microsoft support points out that problem can be due to missing codec. Whenever a file that needs a codec is played, Windows Media Player automatically downloads and installs the codec from the Microsoft server. If the Internet connection is not proper, the system will show error that codec are missing, and Windows Media Player will not be able to play the file.