Facing Issues With The Live Messenger Menu Bar?

Live Messenger Menu Bar

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The Windows operating system comes with the default chat application, Windows Live Messenger, using which you can instantly send and receive instant messages. Besides the chat messages, you can also have free live voice and video calls. Windows Live Chat application lets you chat in real-time when you and the other user are online. If the Live Messenger is not available on your computer, you can download the application free from the Microsoft official website.

Your Live Messenger also comes with default and easy access tool bars. You can go through the Live Messenger settings through the Menu bar to fix any problem that may arise. The Menu bar also allows you to access advanced settings in the program and fix issues with the program display. Sometimes, problems may occur with the Live Messenger Menu bar itself and you might need to install the latest version of the program to fix the issue.

If nothing works, try to fix the issue by uninstalling the current Live Messenger version and try to install the latest version of the program.

The following instructions should help you fix the issue easily. Avail Microsoft chat support if needed.


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  • Go to the Start menu or directly hit the Windows button on your keyboard and click on the Program icon in the Start menu. The Programs window will open up on the screen; click on the option marked as Programs and Features.
  • In the Programs and Features window, a list of programs that are already installed on the computer will be displayed. Navigate through the program list and click on the program icon labeled as Windows Live Messenger.
  • Once the selected program is highlighted by a single click, move to the top of the screen and click on the button marked as Uninstall. Click on the Ok button to confirm the selection.
  • Open your web browser and go to the Windows Live Messenger homepage. Click on the download link to download and install the Windows Live Chat program on your computer. This will fix the existing problem with the Program menu bar.

Hope the above-mentioned steps were useful in fixing the issue with Live Messenger menu bar. If you have further doubts on this, you may get in touch with Microsoft Support Center through Microsoft chat, or through phone and get the needed assistance.