Getting To Know About The New Voice-Controlled TV Experience In Xbox 360

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Microsoft has developed a motion sensing input device for the Xbox 360 video game console known as Kinect. This enables the players to control and interact with the gaming console, without needing a game controller. However, the additional features provided by Microsoft include accessing social networking apps, video chat, and browsing gaming content by simply talking to your TV. For this, the user just needs an Xbox 360, a Kinect sensor, and an Xbox Live subscription. Thus, Microsoft plans to offer its 40 million global Xbox users a complete package that helps them to use their gaming consoles as an alternative to current entertainment devices, as stated by Mr. Anshu Mor, category head, interactive entertainment business, Microsoft India.

He also added that the shift is now from gaming to entertainment. This time, the advanced features include remote free, voice and hand gesture controlled ability that Microsoft’s Kinect accords. These make features such as video chatting and almost high-end video conferencing facilities easily available to users. Microsoft chat support provides ample information regarding these features.

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One of the most striking features of Xbox 360 is the advanced video chatting facility. It enables the users to open the video chat window on TV just by voice commands. Mr. Mor also stated that, “Unlike conventional webcams where only the front-facing picture of the person in conversation is visible, here, the camera tracks along with a person moving within the room, which provides a much more realistic experience. Users can log onto this facility and connect with friends and family through the Video Kinect app on Xbox Live — using Kinect at both ends or Kinect at one end and Live Messenger at the other.” This is made possible because of the presence of multiple sensors and the high sensitivity camera, which are available on the Kinect sensor. Hence, when a person walks around the room, the multiple sensors detect it, and pan the camera automatically to that direction. It uses motors present in the sensors for this purpose. The user can read about these features in the official Microsoft website, or by contacting Microsoft chat support.

Microsoft has also introduced an array of games on Kinect such as Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Kinect Sports and Dance Central, which are all fitness related. Microsoft has introduced these as a part of a strategy to involve the non-gamers to their new entertainment platform.