Microsoft Gives Temporary Pardon To Skype Headsets And Recording Apps

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People who use the Microsoft-owned Skype chat system on their PC received an unwelcome surprise recently. This was through a notice that was embedded in their software. The users were told that the third-party applications that they use with Skype would no longer be supported. Skype is nearly ten-year-old desktop software and this is based on a computer-to computer (P2P) structure. This is being replaced by a cloud-based system that opens the door to what Microsoft believes will deliver better and improved functionality across the platforms while conserving battery life and processor power.

This means that the community of the third party developers who are supplying the Skype users with everything from recording software to multi IM chat support will no longer be able to include Skype messenger among the services. These changes were first announced by Microsoft in July. The third party developers launched a petition asking Microsoft to reverse the decision to kill the desktop API.

Skype has announced in a blog post that they will extend the support for both compatibility and call recording with the hardware devices “until we determine alternative options or retire the current solution.” The post does not give any date for the extension of the support. The post noted further that the chat through third party applications would no longer be working. One of the spokespersons from Microsoft said that the chat service would be cut off by the end of the year. This news was also confirmed after contacting the Microsoft chat support team.

As per some developers who were contacted by GeekWire, there has been no communication with Microsoft about the end of the

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desktop API. “We’re as much in the dark as anyone else,” said one of the anonymous developers. Some of the developers who record video and audio directly from the computer screen rather than making use of any desktop software will be little affected. According to Bill Dettering, who is the CEO of Applian software, at least one of their applications will be unaffected by the changes that are going to be made in the Skype chat system. He replied to a question in an interview saying, “Bottom line: it’s pretty good for us [because we can record directly from the screen]. Actually we’re pretty psyched about it.”

If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft chat support team. They will be able to provide you with more updates on the news.