Enabling Microphones For Steam Applications

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Steam is a multiplayer service and online content distribution service designed by Valve software. Steam has incorporated integrated chat in their software, which allows you to chat with other players while playing online games. Though Steam supports the use of most microphones, these microphones need be configured in Windows first. Then they must be configured in Steam as well as using the Steam Voice calibration tool. You can control volume and modify how the microphone gets enabled on Steam applications.


  • Connect your microphone cord to the pink Microphone input typically found at the back of the system. Sometimes you can also find it in the front. If you use a USB microphone then just connect it to any available USB port. Most microphones can be used directly by plugging them in. However, some microphones need to be installed, and they would need drivers so that they can become operational. Just insert the installation disc in the system’s disc drive, and follow the simple instructions that appear online to complete installation. Now you can use your Microphone without any issues.
  • Now right click on the Volume icon located in the taskbar. Click on Recording Devices. Your microphone will get displayed on the screen, and will be read as Connected/Plugged In. this is an indication that the microphone is ready to use.
  • Open the Steam program. Click on the Steam option in the top right corner. Click on Settings and then select the Voice tab. Select the Detect Audio Devices button.
  • In the Recording section you will see an option labeled Change Device. Double click on the Microphone option followed by selecting Apply and OK. Now proceed to click OK, I’m finished changing settings.

    Steam Voice Calibration

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  • Select the Test Microphone button. Speak into your microphone, and adjust the incoming and outgoing volume by adjusting the sliders labeled Microphone and Receiving. If everything is smooth and according to your preference, click on Stop Microphone Test.
  • Click on the Use a Push-to-Talk key to Transmit Voice button. You can find this option in When Voice Chat is Active section. Now press the key that you wish to transmit during the voice chat. By default this key is V. Complete the setup process by clicking OK. These settings will be applied automatically when you use the microphone for any Steam application.

If you face any issue with any Steam application you can communicate your problems to Microsoft chat support. The microphone can be a useful tool to talk to officials on the other end of Microsoft chat support.