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Chatting has become an integrated part of communication. Many social networks include chat facilities in their sites, which ease the users to message or call their contacts immediately. Specialized chat softwares are abundantly available on the internet, which are free to download & easy to install. Such software programs include Skype, Yahoo Chat, GTalk, etc. which provide many facilities to the users like instant messaging, voice chat & video call.

Windows Live Messenger, or commonly known by its former name as MSN messenger is the Microsoft chat program, which was released in 1995. The messenger helps users to chat in real time, share images & documents, and video call their contacts. Windows live also provides facility to avail remote assistance regarding any issues to the computer and troubleshoot the problem. It also offers search tools using a person’s email address. Another advantage of this Microsoft chat program is that you can share & edit documents directly through the messenger. With a huge sharing space of about 10 GB, you can attach as many photos & documents as you want to exchange with your friends & family.

Creating groups in the chat program for friends, family, clients & customers, or staff members of your office, can help in having conversation with the specific group instantly without any fussy effort. Follow these instructions to download & enjoy the features of MSN messenger.

  • Go to the Microsoft website, and downloadthe program. Select the settings for your messenger & install the software on your computer.

    MSN Messenger

                   Microsoft Chat program

  • Start the program when the installation is over. If you have a hotmail account, Sign in to the messenger using the email account username and password.
  • If you do not have Windows account, click on “Create an account” option to sign up for the messenger.
  • Start adding contacts in the messenger by searching for your friends & family through their email address. You can also search your colleagues by name and send a request inviting them to join in.
  • Create different groups for your personal & official purpose if you desire, to chat, or debate within the group.

When done with the setup, you can start having conversations with your contacts. This innovation in communicating methods, with the Windows Live chat program helps you to keep in touch with your contacts, message them, voice chat, or video call them, regardless of how far they might be.