Support Till 2016 For Xbox 360

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                                  Microsoft Xbox 360

The next gen gaming console from the tech giant Microsoft is the Xbox One. But one should not forget that the previous generation gaming console, the Xbox 360 has not been written off and it will be provided with support through 2016. A few days back, at the at the Citi Global Technology Conference, the Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi announced that the Xbox 360 has been around for seven to eight years and it is going to be there for another 3 years.

He also said that both the devices will work in tandem and Microsoft is going to invest in Xbox 360 and also that the day Xbox One starts reaching markets, the support for Xbox 360 will not stop but will continue. For users having any issues with Xbox 360, they can use the Microsoft Chat service to resolve and clear all their problems.

A cloud of mystery still hovers on how Microsoft is planning to provide support for the Xbox 360. Later, in the Q & A session, Mr. Mehdi pointed out that over 100 new games for the Xbox 360 would be launched. A wide range of titles is available for the Xbox 360. All of this is supported by the earlier claims by Microsoft in which it assured to be with Xbox 360 for years to come.

Totally different systems

The Xbox One faces stiff competition from the Xbox 360 as the days approaching for the Xbox One’s launch becomes closer and the original Xbox does not stand a fighting chance at all.

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                    Microsoft Xbox One

According to Microsoft, Xbox 360 games are not compatible with the new gen console as it uses a completely different architecture. The company claims that the Xbox One is far more advanced compared to the previous gen consoles and packs in a lot of punch.

The Xbox 360 was a huge hit. It sold like hot cakes, and close to around 100 million units were sold in no time. But roughly around only a quarter of a million of the original gaming consoles were purchased by users as the Xbox 360 reached stores and consumers wanted to go in for the newer product.

The support for the gaming consoles is aptly provided by Microsoft and the Microsoft chat service provides assistance if the users are having issues with their gaming consoles.