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How To Use Microsoft Communicator

Microsoft chat support

    Features Of Microsoft Communicator

Microsoft Communicator is a great communication tool from Microsoft that allows users to transfer files, do video chats and send instant messages simultaneously. In addition, the tool can be used to setup events and store chats and records in it. In this post, we will find out how to use this Communicator program from Microsoft. First, let us find out the system requirements to run this program.


According to Microsoft chat support, the program supports various Microsoft Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 2.

You may download the program from the official website of Microsoft. Use the search function under the Download Center link in the official website to find the program from the download list. Once you download and install the program on your computer, follow the steps below to find out the basic functions of the program.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu in your computer by pressing the Windows logo on your keyboard.
  • Select the option All Programs.
  • From the list of programs in your computer, choose Microsoft Communicator.
  • Once the Communicator program opens up, select the option Connect.
  • The above step will connect the program to the internet and allow you to join a chat room.
  • You may look for a particular person from your chat list using the search function in the program. If you wish to send the same message to many people simultaneously, then create a group and add the members. You can send messages to this group and all the members will be able to view the same.

    Microsoft chat support

       Setup Microsoft Communicator Setup

  • If the group already exists, click the group and you will be in the chat room.
  • Choose the option My chat and this will show up the space to type your message.
  • Once you complete typing your message, click the button Send. If you wish to alert the recipient with a high importance alert, choose the option High Importance near the ‘send’ button. This will alert the recipient as his/her screen turns red on receiving this message.

We have discussed only a few basic functions of the program. If you wish to find out additional features of Microsoft Communicator, you may go to the option Microsoft Communicator Basics, where you will find the various functions of the program. You may also search for a particular function of the program.

For additional assistance on this program, you may contact Microsoft chat support or our technical support team.

Windows 8 Sales Surpasses That Of Apple OS X

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

     Features of Windows 8

Unlike the earlier operating systems from Microsoft, many users hesitated for an upgrade to Windows 8. However, now reports say that Windows 8 has surpassed Apple’s OS X in terms of users. The report was released by StatCounter, which says the percentage of Windows 8 users stood at 7.46 percent and Apple’s OS X was 6.98 percent during the month of September.

The operating system market is still ruled by Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system that has a market share of 51.98 percent. Microsoft’s Windows XP with 20.59 percent secures the second place. All the Microsoft operating systems put together makes up 80.03 percent while Apple’s OS X stands at 6.98 percent. Even though this figure should make Microsoft happy, they are worried with the way things have gone for Windows 8. When you do a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison about the sales, you can find that about forty million Windows 7 licenses were sold during the first month after its release while this figure stands low for Windows 8.

The sales comparison of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 finds that the drop in sales for Windows 8 is mainly attributed to the poor reviews about the operating system and the difficulties in using it. Many users did not find a reason for the upgrade as Windows 7 was running fine on their computers. Many people still consider Windows 7 as the best operating system from Microsoft in various Windows 7 vs Windows 8 reviews.

Windows XP

         Features of Windows 7

Even though Windows 8 has surpassed OS X in sales, we are yet to see how the operating system takes on its predecessor, Windows 7. Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparisons find that more users are comfortable with Windows 7 than Windows 8 due to its lightweight design and wide range of support features. Users also find the absence of the traditional ‘Start’ button in Windows 8 as a drawback. Many users also complain the difficulties in accessing the charm bar and the recently used programs interface in the operating system. Many people believe that these drawbacks are responsible for the sluggish sales of the operating system.

Now, let us wait for a few months and see how Windows 8 takes on its predecessor. Microsoft may also release updates for the operating system to address the complaints of the users. The updates could boost the sales of Windows 8.

Troubleshooting Installation Problems For Microsoft XP Update

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                  Contact Microsoft chat

Windows updates help you keep your computer safe as well as to run it efficiently. Once you install the updates, the performance of your computer improves and you can complete your tasks in a speedy manner. You have to switch on the Windows update feature on your computer to get equipped with latest security features as well as other valuable updates from Microsoft. You can automatically download and install the updates by enabling the automatic updates feature or you can install the updates manually.

You can find out the update status of your computer by navigating to the Control Panel if you have already enabled the automatic update feature. Else, you can navigate to the respective Microsoft website to figure out the updates for your computer and you can access the needed instructions to install these updates over there. Once you are done, you can install the latest updates to improve the functionality of your computer.

Common issues

In normal cases, you should be able to download and install update programs, service packs as well as hot fixes without any issues. Once you enable the automatic update feature on your Windows XP, you may identify the issues only during the installation time. Windows will perform continuous efforts to re-install the updates or even fails to install the updates. These can occur due to incompatible software or inability to delete the temporary files during install.

Troubleshooting steps

You can get in touch with Microsoft chat support to resolve the issue. However, you can follow these simple steps given to fix it by your own.

  1. Click the Start button to bring up the Start menu options and click All Programs next. Choose Windows Update.
    Windows XP

                        Microsoft chat support

  2. Click the Review your update history option.
  3. Click the red X button after locating it from the status column. You should select the error number and press Ctrl + C simultaneously on your keyboard to copy it or you can note down the number on a notepad.
  4. Click Find Solutions.
  5. Click the Type keywords here option and copy down the error number by pressing Ctrl + V at once or you can manually enter it. Hit the Enter key next.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions given by the troubleshooting utility.
  7. Else, if you are unable to resolve the issue, navigate to the Microsoft Knowledge Base to locate the respective update error number to familiarize the resolutions.

Microsoft chat support team can provide you a personalized experience to resolve any Windows update issue. Get it touch with them if you need any additional help.

Help to upgrade Windows XP 32 bit to Windows XP 64 bit

Microsoft help

Upgrading Windows XP 32 to 64 bit

The Windows XP professional operating system comes in two different formats, these are; Windows XP 32 bit and Windows XP 64 bit. When you are using a 32 bit operating system, it means that your computer has smaller 32 bit size. This will give rise to more bottlenecks which can eventually slow down your system as a process needs to wait for the other process to finish, before beginning.  Alternatively, you are restricted to a maximum of 4 GBs of RAM on a 32 bit operating system, and when it comes to 64 bit OS, there is no such limit.

If you are currently using the 32-bit version of the Windows XP operating system, you may upgrade it to the 64 bit version if your computer has a 64 bit processor. In this process, you will need to install the 64 bit operating system over your currently installed 32 bit operating system. So ensure that you back up your data that you don’t want to lose, or else there is a chance that it may get erased during the installation.

Microsoft help instructions to upgrade Windows XP 32 bit to Windows XP 64 bit

  • Start your computer from the Windows XP 64-bit disc by inserting the disc into the hard drive of your computer. Restart the machine and once you see “Press Any Key to Boot from CD-ROM…” appearing on the screen, press any key on your keyboard. To boot from the CD, you may have to press a boot menu key (usually DELETE or F12) depending on your computer configuration.

    Microsoft help

    Upgrading Windows XP 32 to 64 bit

  • Wait a few moments until the pre-loading sequence finish. After that, press the “Enter” key and then press the “F8” key to launch the pre-installation process and agree to the installation license terms and conditions.
  • To erase the currently selected partition, Press the “D” key and press “L” to confirm the deletion and to write a new partition to the drive, press “Enter“.
  • To accept the current partition size, Press “Enter” and then time to begin the installation process, press “Enter” a final time.
  • When prompted, enter the product key for your Windows XP 64-bit operating system and then click “Next” to finish the installation.

That’s how the Microsoft help team asks you to upgrade Windows XP from 32 bit to 64 bit.

Resolving Microsoft problems with shutdowns in Windows XP

Microsoft problems

problems with shutdown in Windows XP

Windows XP is an operating system developed by the IT giant Microsoft. It was in the year 2001 that Microsoft released Windows XP. This operating system was extremely popular and has millions of users worldwide. After its initial release, Microsoft came up with three service packs for improving the performance and security of XP. The popularity of Windows XP was because of its user friendly interface.

No matter what kind of operating system you are using, it can be really annoying if the software is not working properly. Windows XP is a complex program which needs to integrate hundreds of other software applications for its smooth functioning. If one setting goes out of track, it can create serious problems, including computer freezing during shutdown routine. Sometimes, you might find that your computer gets stuck while trying to shutdown and displays a message saying “Windows is shutting down” or “Windows is logging off” indefinitely. You can resolve this problem by following some simple troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article.

Tech support instructions

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to resolve Microsoft problems with shutdown in Windows XP operating system.

  1. Start off by clicking the Windows “Start” button. This is the button with the Microsoft logo on it, located on the left hand corner of your desktop.
  2. Right click on the option which says “My Computer” from the start menu.
  3. Select the option which says “Properties” from the given menu.
  4. Click on the option “Advanced”.
  5. Select “Settings” from the startup and recovery section.

    Microsoft problems

    problems with shutdown in Windows XP

  6. Type “1” in the text box next to “Time to display list of operating systems”.
  7. Also, type “1” in the text box next to “Time to display recovery options when needed”.
  8. Hit the “Ok” button twice to quit from Windows menu system.
  9. Reboot your computer. There won’t be any delay in logging off, shutting down or restarting any more.
  10. Whenever you make any changes to your Windows XP settings, it’s a good practice to make note of the previous settings so that you can always revert back if the changes you made are incorrect.

That’s all with the instructions for resolving problems with shutdowns in your Windows XP operating system. Have a nice day.

Microsoft chat support for repairing your Windows XP online

microsoft chat

microsoft chat support

Windows XP is one of the most popular operating system developed by the software gain Microsoft. This operating system is known to be the first ever consumer oriented operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows XP is the successor of Windows 2000 and the word XP refers to “eXPerience”. It was officially made released for worldwide retail sales on October 25, 2001. Since its release, Microsoft has introduced three different service packs for optimizing the performance and features of the operating system

Even though two different versions of Windows operating system came after Windows XP, it is still been used by millions of people around the world.  And while using Windows XP operating system, you might face some problems of which you can completely unaware of the solutions. It can really be frustrating to deal with pop-up error messages and you want to fix it as soon as possible. Microsoft maintains a series of support websites which will help you to find solution to the problems you are facing in Windows operating systems. This article contains instructions recommended by the Microsoft chat support team for repairing your Windows XP online.

Instructions provided by Microsoft chat support team.

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to repair your Windows XP operating system through online.

  1. Fist and you need to upgrade to Windows XP SP3 if in case you haven’t done it previously. Also reboot your computer if required.
  2. Continue by opening the Internet browser installed on your computer.

    microsoft chat

    microsoft chat support

  3. Visit the support website of Microsoft.
  4. Hover your mouse cursor over the option which says “Windows” located in the left pane.
  5. Go through the list of given errors and click on the one which applies to you or best describes your problem.
  6. Click on the button labeled “Run Now”, highlighted in green on the following page.
  7. Execute the downloaded file by double clicking on it.
  8. Click on the option which says “Detect problems and apply fixes for me” and Microsoft fix it will look out for problems and automatically resolves it for you.

That’s all with the instructions provided by the Microsoft chat support team for repairing your Windows XP online. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Microsoft chat support to activate Windows XP online

To avoid piracy, Microsoft has a trick of including Product keys or Activation keys with their products. Unless the user holds this unique secret key, he can’t open the program. Also this ensures that one legal copy of the program is installed on one computer only. However, you may try a one month trial pack of the Microsoft Windows operating systems after which you’ll need to complete the activation process with the Product key or Serial number. To activate the Windows XP operating system, Microsoft provides the serial number when purchasing the OS that you should enter when installing the operating system on your computer.

Here’s how the Microsoft chat support team instructs to activate your Windows XP operating system.

Microsoft Chat support instructions to activate Windows XP online

  • Open the “Start” menu at the bottom left corner of your screen and click on “All Programs”.
  • Select the “Accessories and System tools folder.
  • Click on the icon named “Activate Windows”. A new window with a prompt “Ready to Activate Windows?” appears.
  • Click “Yes, Lets Activate Windows over the Internet Now” on this prompt box and then hit “Next”. The window will display privacy information about the activation process now; explaining that the data sent to Microsoft is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you personally.
  • To agree to the privacy terms, click “Next“.         
  • Choose “No, I don’t want to register now; Lets Just Activate Windows” radio button and click “Next.”The hardware configuration of your computer will be recorded by the activation utility and it is then sent to Microsoft over the internet. It will also send the serial number that you had entered when you installed Windows XP operating system. Microsoft links the serial number and the configuration details to your computer and then the activation succeeds if the serial number that you gave has never been activated before.
  • To return to Windows, click “OK” when the utility displays a confirmation message stating that the activation is complete.

So that’s the Microsoft chat support instructions to activate Windows XP online. It’s so easy to carry out the process with these simple instructions. All thanks to the support team!

Activate Windows XP OS using the procedure by the Microsoft chat support team

Product activations are done to ensure authentic genuine copies of the program and to prevent piracy and illegal copying. Microsoft leaves no stones turned to ensure the security and genuineness of its products. To assert the policy, anything released from Microsoft basket, will have a product key and / or activation key. Activation of products is a proof that the user is agreeing with the company policies and affirms that the product is not used illegally.

Windows XP activation

Each new installation of Windows XP- either the first or a re-installation, the operating system needs to be activated. The product key should be activated through the Windows Product Activation wizard and authenticate the copy of the operating system. This should be done within 30 days of the installation. If the operating system is not activated within the time limit, it will stop functioning. Though, the activation may take some time (not too long), it is worth the trouble. Microsoft chat support team has the simplest procedure for activating Windows XP.

Procedure by Microsoft chat support team for XP activation

Windows XP can be activated online or offline via phone. Here we will see how to activate it online using the Microsoft chat support team’s procedure. The steps are:

  • After installation, start up the system.
  • Select the Windows Activation icon from the system tray.
  • If the icon is not shown open the activation window from Start menu.
  • Go to All Programs and choose Accessories.
  • Select the System Tools.
  • Locate Activate Windows from the list.
  • Check the Yes, let’s activate Windows over the Internet now radio button.
  • Select Next.
  • Select Read the Windows Product Activation Privacy Statement option
  • After reading the Privacy Statement, click Next button.
  • If the user doesn’t want to register the operating system, opt for No, I don’t want to register now; let’s just activate Windows choice and select Next.
  • Let the operating system connect to the server and activate the copy.
  • If all the steps went correct without ant issues, You have successfully activated your copy of Windows message will appear.
  • Click OK.

With this, the operating system will be activated and will function as normal. If the online activation was not successful for any reason, go for offline phone activation. Select Phone activation from Windows Product Activation wizard.



Microsoft chat support to reinstall audio drivers in Windows XP

Windows XP is a popular operating system developed by Microsoft. Some of you readers might even be running your systems on this platform. I know I am. Well, after the failure (which was Vista), XP just became more popular. Even though it works, it does have certain drawbacks too. Let’s look at one such issue.

One issue pointed out by Microsoft chat support is that the audio the audio device (read: speakers) can be affected if you have had any recent hardware upgrades. This can also be caused if you’ve performed an OS reinstallation. So, how bad can the situation be?

That’s an easy one. At the end of the upgrade or reinstallation, your speakers either work or they don’t. And I assure you, there’s nothing in between (if that’s any consolation).

Here’s what’s actually happening

  1. Here’s one possibility, your computer undergoes certain registry changes during the reinstallation or upgrade process. And hence, it is in an increased risk zone of being affected. And unfortunately (I’m assuming you’re one), your computer’s registry just underwent some major changes which caused the sound driver to stop working.
  2. Another possibility points towards the chances of your sound files getting corrupted. This can cause your speakers to stop working.
  3. Yet another possibility might be improper software settings which are resulting in speaker problems.
  4. If none of these match the symptoms of the issue you’re facing, then the problem might indeed be with the speaker. Buying new ones ought to resolve the issue.

These are the different causes identified by the Microsoft chat support team. Let’s look at the troubleshooting steps prescribed.

Microsoft chat support’s troubleshooting steps

In any of the situations described in the previous title, except 4, reinstalling the audio driver will resolve the issue (I hope). At least, that’s what I do, and it works every time. Follow these steps to find the audio driver and install it in your computer.

  1. The audio equipment that you bought will already contain the device driver in a CD, which comes free (as in, you already paid for that when you bought the speaker) with it. Either you can install the driver program from the CD or you can download the latest sound driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the instructions given by the wizard to complete the installation.

All speaker issues will be resolved now. If it isn’t, get Windows online support!

Microsoft chat support to adjust the Power Options in Windows XP

The Power Options feature of the Windows XP operating system offers various power saving options which reduces your electricity bills and keeps your computer healthy. They can also increase the battery life of laptops considerably. The Microsoft chat support also points out that there are options for turning off the monitor, hard disk and you can also set your system on standby modes!

The Microsoft chat support team says that even though the benefits associated with this are numerous, the numbers of people who actually use this feature are less. This is because most people don’t know how this is done. If you belong to this category, then today is your lucky day because this post includes the Microsoft chat support team’s instructions to adjust the Power Options.

The Microsoft chat support team’s instructions

  1. Start off the Microsoft chat support team’s instructions by clicking on Start, which is located on the bottom left corner of your desktop. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. The next step depends on your Control Panel view. If you’re unsure of the view, just look at the first option on the left side of the window. Depending on the view, you may see any of the following options:

Switch to Classic view

Switch to Category view

  • For Category view, the Microsoft chat support team asks you double click the Performance and Maintenance icon. The Power Options icon is listed in this new window.
  • If you’ve a Classic view of your Control Panel, the Microsoft chat support team directs you to locate the Power Options icon on the Control Panel page.

These are the instructions by the Microsoft chat support team. For more info related to Power Options and features, visit the Microsoft website!