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With cloud storage getting a steep increase in popularity, the users of the Windows SkyDrive are at an all time high. When using the Windows SkyDrive, many users are unaware about how to upload the files to the SkyDrive and about the maximum storage space available. Well to do this process without any faults, the below mentioned Windows online support guidelines have to be followed.


  • In the homepage of the SkyDrive, the Get Started button can be seen and it should be clicked. Since Windows Live provides the SkyDrive for free, a ton of users can use the service and upload the relevant files to SkyDrive. Users will get a much valued storage space of 5GB in the SkyDrive and to avail it, navigate to from your web browser and click the Get Started button.
  • With the Windows Live ID, the login process should be done. The downloading of any software is not required for the SkyDrive. Just the Windows Live account’s password and email id can be used to access SkyDrive. The browsing of files is very simple in the SkyDrive and can be done with ease.
  • In order to add the files, a folder should be selected. Three folders are available in SkyDrive to which the files can be added and the three folders are shared, public and personal folders respectively. The files can be kept under complete secrecy or the files can be made available to everyone.
  • The files to be uploaded should be browsed thoroughly and to the folders of the SkyDrive, they should be uploaded. The computer can be browsed and after the required file/files are availed, they can be uploaded with ease just like the Windows Live Hotmail. To the online storage of the SkyDrive, the files get uploaded when the upload button is pressed.

    Storage Space Of 5GB

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  • You data will remain safe and secure online and you have the freedom to access it anytime you want.

By complying with the above provided Windows online support guidelines, the files can be easily added to SkyDrive. If you have any doubts with the Windows online support guidelines or require professional help, you may contact our customer support center. The best help services and tips can be availed by contacting our customer support center.