An Internet Protocol address or IP address is a 32-bit numeric address which is assigned to each computing device that is connected to a computer network. The two main functions of IP address are to provide hose or network interface identification and location addressing. IP addresses are basically binary numbers. However, they are stored as text files and are displayed in human readable form.

An IP address is made up of four different numbers separated by periods and each one of them can range from 0 to 255. IP addresses are like actual home addresses, it is with the help of this, and data transfers take place between computers. If you are using MSN messenger, you will able to locate the IP address of the person in your friends list. This article contains Microsoft chat support instructions for doing the same.

Instructions provided by Microsoft chat support team

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to locate someone’s IP address on MSN.

Start off this procedure by launching your MSN messenger.
Enter your user id and password in the respective fields and hit the “Sign in” button.
Check if the persons IP address you want know is online or not.
If he/she is online, click on the Windows “Start” button.
Open the “Run” dialog box.
The “CMD” in the run text box and hit the “Ok” button. This will open up the command prompt window.
In the command prompt window, type “netstat” without quotations and hit the “Enter” key.
A list showing all the TCP/IP connections that are currently connected to your computer will now be made available to you.
Engage in a direct chat or send a file to the person whose IP address you are trying to trace.
Open command prompt, type the command “netstat” without quotations once again and hit the enter key.
Now you will be getting another list of all TCP/IP activity.
Compare the new list with the old one. Look for any new IP address that has added after you have started the direct chat or file transfer.
The IP address you are looking for will be having “1863” as the port number after. However, it is no necessary that it uses the same port all the time.
That’s all with the instructions provided by Microsoft chat support team for locating someone’s IP address on MSN.


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