Microsoft chat support to disable Instant Messenger

Does your computer screen load pop-up advertisements with “Messenger Service” titles every time you log into it? It can be really annoying at times, particularly if you are in the middle of some urgent work. Also loading these pop ups consumes memory and too much of it can slow down your system. Advertisements pop-up on your screen because, when Windows XP is installed on your computer, the Microsoft Instant Messenger program is also installed by default. And then if your computer is not secure, plenty of such pop ups invade your computer.

You will have to disable the Microsoft Instant Messenger and enable the Internet firewall on your system to safeguard your computer from these pop ups. Here are some Microsoft chat support guidelines to disable the Microsoft Instant messenger service.

Microsoft chat instructions for disabling Microsoft Instant messenger service

At the bottom left of the computer screen, navigate and place your mouse pointer over the “Start” button.
On the list of programs that appear, find “Control panel” option. Hover your mouse pointer over it and right click to open a new window.
Select “Administrative Tool” twice or to open the list of services available, double-click it. In the list provided, Locate “Services” and double-click it on it. Double-click on “Messenger” option.
Select to review the drop down list, “Startup type” and click on the arrow to locate option labeled “Disable”.
Highlight by clicking on the option.
Under the “Service status“, Click the “Stop” bubble and go to the window bottom and click on the “OK” bubble.
You will get a confirmation that your Microsoft instant message service has been disabled. After this, you will no longer be in trouble with the unnecessary Messenger service pop-ups that hinder your flow of work. In case you still get the pop ups, there might be something gone wrong while disabling the Windows Instant messenger. The Microsoft chat support team advises you to follow the above instructions meticulously and when any irresolvable problem occurs, contact them directly. Efficient techies at the tech support center will help you with your issue. Also, you can clear any doubt on Microsoft products and services with them and get proper solutions directly.

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